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Who We Are



Welcome to Teesside Vineyard Church
We're a growing, vibrant congregation with a vision to see peoples lives be transformed across Teesside & beyond. 

We would love to connect with you and have lots of ways to get involved. Our weekly Sunday Service is at 11am both in person and live via our Facebook page, Connect Groups meet throughout the week, and you can join us for prayer on Fridays at 10.30am.

Get in touch to find out more.
Ross & Miriam, Senior Pastors

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Teesside Vineyard is part of the Vineyard Movement: a group of churches committed to loving others with all we’ve got and living out all that Jesus called us to do.


In June 2020 Ross and Miriam Aggett were handed the roles of Senior Leaders from Elijah and Jo Kirby who served the church for the last 3 years. Teesside Vineyard Church is based in Thornaby and gathers from all across the Tees Valley.

Our hope; to provide spaces for people to encounter Jesus, be transformed forever and to impact the world.


Have a read of our story so far...


In the autumn of 2002, Jon & Sandra Burns gathered a group of people to meet in Yarm with the aim of starting a new church in the area - ‘a church for people who don’t like church’ and Yarm Vineyard Church was born. In late 2009, Yarm Vineyard Church moved out of its home at Yarm School due to building works. With church members living all across The Tees Valley area, we decided the time was right for a name change to reflect the direction we were moving. Yarm Vineyard Church was then renamed 'The Vine Teesside.' 

In September 2011 Jon & Sandra handed the church over to Mike & Kookie Taylor. Mike and Kookie have served churches in the United States since 1982. Their passion and love for the Tees Valley began in 2005 when Mike came and served on a short term mission trip. Mike led multiple mission teams that came and served in Teesside over the next six years and then moved his family across the pond in 2011. Their love for the area and the people of The Vine Church led them to accept the call to come and invest their lives here.

In August 2016, The Vine Church moved into St Lukes, Thornaby and in order to reflect our belonging to the Vineyard movement we have decided that another name change was necessary. From June 2017 we will be known as Teesside Vineyard and our journey continues as we BUILD OUR CHURCH, REACH OUR COMMUNITY, IMPACT OUR WORLD and live out expectantly for God to use us across the Tees Valley and beyond. 


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  • Authenticity – living Christ centred lives, living with honesty integrity, being like Jesus in everyday life.

  • Compassionate Community – indiscriminately preferring one another, sharing Christs loves with each other & those we meet.

  • Followers of Christ – learning from Jesus through God’s word & personal revelation and relationship with the holy spirit.

  • Pursuit of God’s Presence – we welcome and expect the presence of the holy spirit to guide us through worship, the prophetic, in prayer and fellowship together.

  • Practice the ways of Jesus – stepping out despite fear, worry or concern. Seeking God’s Kingdom to come through everyday acts of compassion and with the expectation or hope of the supernatural breaking through.

  • Extending God’s Kingdom – Kingdom mentality, future hope. That our hope is not based on current circumstance or situations but in the promises of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, we are not citizens of a nation or country but of the kingdom of God.

  • Serving the Poor – we are called to use whatever skills & gifts that God has given us to serve and help all those in need.

  • Discipleship – As a church we seek to value and grow the gifts and skills God has given each individual.

  • Develop Leaders – we seek to invest in and grow new leaders within the church, calling out the destiny God has placed in individuals and their specific gifting.

  • Live Generously – we seek to be a Church that is known for its generosity with our time, gifts, finances, and hearts.

  • Freedom – we believe that Christ died to give us freedom, we seek God’s physical healing, inner healing ministry, and an understanding of our identity in Christ.

  • God’s Word – we believe that the bible is the inspired word of God and therefore the teaching needs to carry integrity and always seek truth.

  • Prayer – we believe everything starts and ends with prayer, to break strongholds, lay foundations, thanksgiving, and praise, and set people free.

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At Teesside Vineyard we are called to be an authentic, compassionate and diverse community of believers following Jesus together and pursuing God’s presence. We practice the way of Jesus, extending His kingdom further & serving the people of our region. We seek to train and equip disciples, develop new leaders, and live generously.

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