Teesside Vineyard is part of the Vineyard Movement: a group of churches committed to loving others with all we’ve got and living out all that Jesus called us to do.


In June 2020 Ross and Miriam Aggett were handed the roles of Senior Leaders from Elijah and Jo Kirby who served the church for the last 3 years. Teesside Vineyard Church is based in Thornaby and gathers from all across the Tees Valley.

Our hope; to provide spaces for people to encounter Jesus, be transformed forever and to impact the world.


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In the autumn of 2002, Jon & Sandra Burns gathered a group of people to meet in Yarm with the aim of starting a new church in the area - ‘a church for people who don’t like church’ and Yarm Vineyard Church was born. In late 2009, Yarm Vineyard Church moved out of its home at Yarm School due to building works. With church members living all across The Tees Valley area, we decided the time was right for a name change to reflect the direction we were moving. Yarm Vineyard Church was then renamed 'The Vine Teesside.' 

In September 2011 Jon & Sandra handed the church over to Mike & Kookie Taylor. Mike and Kookie have served churches in the United States since 1982. Their passion and love for the Tees Valley began in 2005 when Mike came and served on a short term mission trip. Mike led multiple mission teams that came and served in Teesside over the next six years and then moved his family across the pond in 2011. Their love for the area and the people of The Vine Church led them to accept the call to come and invest their lives here.

In August 2016, The Vine Church moved into St Lukes, Thornaby and in order to reflect our belonging to the Vineyard movement we have decided that another name change was necessary. From June 2017 we will be known as Teesside Vineyard and our journey continues as we BUILD OUR CHURCH, REACH OUR COMMUNITY, IMPACT OUR WORLD and live out expectantly for God to use us across the Tees Valley and beyond. 




We believe that Jesus' death brought us life and everything we do starts with this truth. We wholeheartedly believe that this truth can transform any heart & life.




Our passion is to be lost in worship to a God who loves us and we do this through our songs, words, deeds and by our faith-inspired living. We have a vision to see people from all walks of life, find true freedom for life through worship.





We believe that Jesus calls us to be His disciples and as a Church we want to equip people to live a life for Him. Discipleship is about 'becoming like' the person you follow and we'll work hard to teach and inspire our City to become radical disciples of the most perfect man we've ever met.




Our heart as a Church is to model authentic community where people find life and hope through relationships. We want to be about strengthening marriages and repairing broken relationships. We are designed for community & believe God's design and desire is for us to thrive through it.




Christianity starts by letting Jesus serve us and our heart is to be a Church that selflessly serves our City. Our aim is to help see many lives touched and transformed as we occupy all streets with our serving as the hands and feet of Jesus.




A transformed heart can't help but be generous. We'd like to express a God who gave His first to us by being a Church that is known for it's generosity with our time, gifts, finances and hearts. Generous people are life givers & we'll challenge ourselves to give freely with all that we have and watch God do amazing things.




We want to be naturally supernatural as we expect to see God do the unimaginable.


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